How to upload your show

Talk Shows/News/Commentary/Sports/Weather/Mix-show DJs (Pre-recordings)

Talk Criteria: Clean speech (no profanity/explicit language). Reframe from advocating violence or criminal activity and no background music. We’re a nonpartisan station, allowing viewpoints from any politicians to come on our shows

Mix-show criteria: Music must be clean/radio version only (No profanity/vulgar/explicit language)

Genres preferred:
R&B (old & new)
Hip-Hop (80’s & 90’s)
Blues/Southern Soul

Identification: Include first and last name, DJ name/nick name, show name, email address, city, state & phone number

Profile: Include brief description and color image of yourself. (Avoid suggestive and offensive photos)

File name: Save date of each show, including topic/genre and your name

Example: Stacy Holmes_Sports_8-1-2016 | DJ Tony_Old School Mix_9-1-2016

Talk Show format: MP3 (64, 128 or 192 kpbs) | Highlights: 3-5 minutes | Talk Show: 20-30 minutes

Mix Show format: MP3 (192 or 320 kpbs) | 20 minutes & 60 minutes

Talk Show & Mix Show duration may increase based on ratings/listeners

Playlist: Separate each segment and zip multiple files before sending

Time slot: If your show/mix is selected, we’ll provide with a time your segment will air. Shows will large listeners may have the ability to go live with callers. Remember to tell your fans and post to your social media outlets and websites

Option 1: Use this link to upload your shows audio from your laptop

(Use the free option) Click Here

Option 2: (short recordings): Use your smart phone's voice recorder to submit your commentary | Email the file to | Subject: “Your name_Topic/Genre_Date”

Caution: Your email providers may prevent you from emailing files over 5 minutes long from your phone. Select option 1 for longer recordings

Popular voice recorder app for iPhone: Voice Memo, AVR & Awesome Voice Recorder

Popular voice recorder app for Android: Awesome Recorder, WavePad Audio Editor Free & Lexis Audio Editor, Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

Option 3: If you already have a show on social media, email the links to and grant the station permission to use your content. We’ll convert any video to mp3. This is great way to cross-promote.

Download free audio recording software by Audacity

How to use Audacity

Upload large files using this link. (use the free version)

Click Here

Option 4:  (Prior Approval Required)

Only for current shows with callers.
Go Live. The station’s request line number 984.444.9787 | 984.444.WQTS will be forwarded to your cellphone during your show time to accept callers. Remember to connect your phone to the mixer. Your personal number will remain private.

Hope to hear from you soon

If you need any help, call "House"